Crysis (R) Tournament Map Pack

Crysis (R) Tournament Map Pack 1.0

An official multiplayer map pack for "Crysis" released by Crytek
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Inspired by a community-driven project started on Crytek forums, the "Tournament Map Pack" released in December 2007 offers players 5 brand new competition maps for multiplayer challenges, divided in 2 categories: Power Struggle and Instant Action. Power Struggle mode contains 3 maps : Desolation, Crossroads, Training and Instant Action Mode 2 maps: Excavation and Terminal.

The pack was made by Crytek designers and tested by their QA and by various professional Crysis gaming teams. Each map has an individual design and fight conditions. In "Power Struggle Training", the action takes place on Marshall Islands in an American training facility. "Power Struggle Crossroads" is based on Pescadores, west of Taiwan; this map is best for fighting with vehicles due to a great number of hostile forces. "Power Struggle Desolation" is located on Henderson Islands under North Korean domination, the island being one of the alien crash sites. "Instant Action Terminal" takes players to Morea island in French Polynesia. The fights revolve around an abandoned railway transformed into a training facility. "Instant Action Excavation" is located in American Samoa, where Koreans try to take over an American stronghold.

All in all, the pack offers new ways to have fun in one of the most popular first-person shooters released in the last years.

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